If you have cooking as a hobby, you surely considered buying some kitchenware suitable even for chefs and, of course, you heard about All-Clad, classics of cookware. Their collections can be appreciated by professional chefs as well as by those who cook for pleasure or a family.

Metallurgist John Ulam started a business of manufacturing bonded metals in 1967. Developed techniques even changed the manufacturing process for U.S. coins. Sometime later, John endeavored to make an awesome pan for himself, and shortly after his success, the company started to sell a whole collection.

Cookers prefer All-Clad now for various reasons:

  • Almost all multi-layer metal cookware is produced in the United States, with metal from domestic suppliers
  • Superior interior won’t discolor foods and won’t impart metallic flavors
  • All products are incredibly durable
  • Some lines feature clad construction


Clad pan is made from a single sheet of multi-layered metal consisting of layers of aluminum and/or copper protected by two layers of stainless steel. Aluminum as well as copper is considered a much better conductor than steel itself. In the more expensive products, these heating cores are not only in the base of the pan but run all through the vessel conducting the heat more evenly. Disc-bottom cookware is much cheaper. In these vessels, disks are made of aluminum or even cheaper stainless steel welded to the steel bottom. And in clad design not only the core is multi-layered, but also the walls. Although all pieces of All-Clad collections are quite pricey, a lifetime warranty is offered so you can make such an important purchase and peacefully hold and enjoy products of one of the high-end cookware brands.


The most sold lines of the company are its Stainless lines of cladded cookware: all clad d3 and d5. This classic collection d3 uses tri-ply bond construction. The first inner and exterior layers are stainless steel. The aluminum disk inside is used as a heat conductor. Although aluminum is not the best thermal conductor, it is more affordable than perfect copper. It is a great alternative for any kitchen, which can be appreciated not only by beginners with low skills but also by excellent chefs. The core nicely distributes heat, which means evenly cooked food. You can cook in all temperature ranges and even use these pans and pots on an induction cooktop. And unlike their copper brethren, cookware is available in nonstick.


To continue presenting the lines of All-Clad we distinguish the most sophisticated products for those who want to take their cooking to the highest level. This superior collection is called Copper Core. Unparalleled performance is provided by 5 layers: 18/10 stainless steel flatware inside, copper core sandwiched by 2 layers of aluminum, and protective magnetic stainless steel outside. As copper is a perfect conductor, heat is evenly distributed throughout vessels. In fact, aluminum that is more often used in collections only has 60% of the thermal conductivity that copper does. This superior collection has no hot spots, so you will not burn the food because of uneven heat. This pricey collection has all the advantages of copper cookware, but it is easier to clean and to restore since layers of steel protect the copper core from both sides. You can use these vessels for cooking with even the highest temperature ranges, and they will not be oxidized or damaged. All the cookware is easy to clean and the use of a dishwasher is allowed. Despite all the advantages of these great tools, there is one drawback — the nonstick surface is not applied in this line design. But this is the right product if want to combine the cooking capabilities and responsiveness of copper pan and the durability of steel.